Error 0x80042108 description


One of the common Outlook SMTP errors is 0x80042108. When this error code pops up, you will be unable to send or receive email messages. The only reason for using Outlook Express is that you need to use the client for the purpose of sending and receiving email messages. With the error 0x80042108, it won't be possible to use the client anymore. However, there is no need to worry because this is not a problem that can't be solved.

Error 0x80042108 causes

Error 0x80042108 causes:

Error 0x80042108 is mainly caused due to problems in your Outlook Express settings. If you have enabled SSL encryption for your Outlook Express, you may have problems in sending and receiving SMTP emails. This enabling is not required in most of the cases. You can change the configuration easily if you want to.

Error 0x80042108 may also be formed when you have programs that prevent Outlook Express from connecting to internet. Firewall present in Windows operating system is known to cause this error sometimes. Stronger antivirus programs like zone alarm or Norton can also prevent Outlook Express from connecting to internet. When mail scanning is done before sending or receiving emails, it may also lead to 0x80042108 in some cases.

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Troubleshooting Error 0x80042108

Error 0x80042108 indicates that Outlook was unable to contact your POP3 mail server. You can't simply ignore that the problem is with the mail server. Sometimes, when you restart your Outlook Express, this error may disappear magically. This is possible because some temporary files may result in ambiguous stage causing error 0x80042108.

You can change the settings of your email accounts to prevent your Outlook Express from expecting secure connections. Go to the server tab of your email account and deselect This server requires authentication for both incoming and outgoing emails. If this is not a problem, you can try removing your email accounts and recreating them once again. Before you attempt to do this, take a backup of all emails.

If you are unable to make changes to email accounts at all, then the problem is with your copy of Outlook Express. Outlook updates may lead to inconsistencies and you can use system restore point to restore to a previous state. Severely corrupted Outlook Express can also cause this problem and the only solution is to reinstall Outlook Express once again.

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Fix Error 0x80042108

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